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Canadian born battling my learning disability and PCOS every day, I attended George Brown College and graduated in Architectural Technology. I graduated as a personal trainer in Miami and worked in the fitness industry for 4 years.

I currently work in the construction industry and worked in the retail/service industry for 13 years now and I have overcome a lot of obstacles and looked at my learning disability as a rewarding challenge. My goal to share my story and to help others that anything is possible. It’s easier said than done but with the support around you, it can happen.

I currently started a podcast because I love reality TV and I would like to meet new people in different industries and share their passions in hoping to gain more knowledge and make someone’s day. I hope one day to write my book about living with a learning disability to show others that they can accomplish their goals and achieving their dreams. ​​

Angelica edits, produces, markets, host her podcast.

She is a woman show just doing a little bit of everything.

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