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Featured Guests On

A Little Bit of Everything With me! POdcast

Jay From Jay's Fitness
We talk about our up Bringing, Staying Motivated and Fitness. Episode 12 for Part 1 and Episode 14 for Part 2.
Logan and Elizabeth
Founders of The Mindful Project talk about how Art can heal Mental Health.
Episode 16 & 17 - The MindFul Project Part 1 & Part 2
Nichole and Juliana
Reconnected with these amazing ladies from High School. We talk about our Latin Upbringing and Jane the Virgin. Episode 20 & 22
Taylor Proctor - Happiness Abound
Certified Happiness Mentor - Episode: 30 & 31- We chat about her journey of becoming a happiness coach.
Coupon Queen Pin
Coupon Queen Pin from C.Q.P. Moments and I recap 90 Day Fiancé weekly! Check out her podcast CQP Moments.
KC Gonzalez - Chef Salty Pork
Podcaster of Chef Salty Pork, we chat about Life as a Chef, Being a Band and we talk music and food! Ep: 34 & 35
Kristina Ritorto
A Young talented Author, published her first book at the age of 10! I Am A Survivor and Invisible Girl.
Marc Ritorto - Marc The Shark MMA
The father of Kristina Ritorto, an author as well. His book needs be a movie, The Cabal Saga Begins. Inspiring to hear a family of authors. Catch on the Podcast Marc the Shark the MMA Show
David C Battaglia
Ep. 39 and 43 - David and I talk about his podcast Perception is Reality, where he has travelled and more! Check out his Podcast: Perception is Reality at
Ep. 47 & Ep. 48 - We learn about Danea and how she got into yogi and advice she gives to others starting out. You may had spotted her on some windows ads!
Tammy Loftis
Ep. 57 - Author of Dear Victim, It's Time for Us To Break Up Now! Check Out her Podcast: Life Awakening... Let's Talk About it!
Ep. 59 & 61 - Josh a successful professional shares his story with Dyslexia.
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Ep. 59 & 61 - Josh a successful professional shares his story with Dyslexia.

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