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Beyond 6 Seconds

Angelica Goncalves is an adult who has lived with dyslexia all her life. She was diagnosed at the age of six. Growing up, people told her she would never succeed or achieve her goals, but with the support of her parents and constant determination, she proved those predictions wrong.

Born and raised in Canada, Angelica attended George Brown College and graduated in Architectural Technology. She worked in the retail/service industry for 13 years, was a personal trainer for 4 years, and currently works in the construction industry. She also hosts a podcast called “A Little Bit of Everything With Me!” Her goal is to show others with learning disabilities that they can achieve their goals too.

During this episode, Angelica shares her story of struggling, living and thriving with a learning disability, including:

  • How she realized at a young age that she had a learning disability  

  • How her experiences at school hindered her rather than helped her

  • How her parents helped her stay the course through her education

  • How she finally found her way in the working world with careers that she is passionate about

  • Why she created her podcast and how it helped her meet more people like herself

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